2021 Show Awards Page 3 (Click on thumbnail for full screen)

Display of Merit

Doran Houk

"High Standard Top of the Line".

Display of Merit

Richard Rengier

"Everybody's Favorite, the Calibre .22 Marlin Lever Action Rifles 1891-1916".

Display of Merit

Ken Rohal

"Stevens Favorites 1892 - 1915".

Display of Merit

Dan Rathega

"High Standard Supermatic Trophy 1958-1984".

Display of Merit

Mike Luc

"The Bridgeport Gun Implement Company".

Awards Officers

Craig Blancett Display and Judging Chairman

"Our Hard working Cheif Compiler".

Awards Officers

President Wayne Mattox, Vice President Diana Davidson and Craig Blancett

Handing out awards.

Presidential Vamping

President Wayne Mattox and immediate Past President Darin Carwin

Stalling for the Final Results.