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September 2018

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In Memoriam


Larry Jones 1926-2018


Roger W Raines 1932-2018


John Kastner - 08 April 2018


Dave Rupert 1935-2018
Tribute by Winchester Arms Collectors Association

George W. "Joe" Leiper 1948-2018
Tribute by John Kelley


William C. "Bill" Howard 1934-2018


David J. Hall 1927-2018



Pictures from the April Program

The April program was a presentation by Jarvis Hurd and Craig Blancett on the 1917 Army Revolvers.


Pictures of past CGCA meetings and events

The March program was a presentation by Dave Rupert on the Winchester Lever Action Rifles.

John Kelly presenting Remington Rolling Block Pistols and Rifles

Bob Mouder presenting 8 Colts and a Wannabe

Mel Flanagan presenting

Craig Blanchett presenting